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Southeast view from the community dock. Home site 86 has privilege of use for temporary tie up, lest us not forgot also has its own slip and a dock a few steps away from the home site. Look to the horizon and you can see a glimpse of Cedar Island. A stand of marshlands protect the high banks of this home site. Species of every description seasonally meander through the marshlands, quite entertaining.
Atlantic beach on Cedar Island that also has gentle bays to west, for you to enjoy

View of the community dock which is for all the residence for temporary use only. Keep in mind the home site has its own slip at a dock where only a few of the residence are allowed to use. The land has quite good elevations with a stand of pines encompassing the property. A photo from a few prior springs. The marshes introduce new colors each season. The western bays of Cedar are lovely for swimming, gentle, and then you have on the eastern portion of the island roaring surf. Captain Rippon is the caretaker and also will take you out to the island. Creek: this can be any