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           Standing on the bank photographing southeast.
Photo taken northeast.
The gravel road that leads to the property is public. The stand of woodlands begins the property and the culivated fields are in Virginia Land Trust conservation.
Snow gheese visit every year. Here they take flight as I approach only to settle in the fiels once more.
Metompkin and Cedar barrier islands sheild the bay from the Atlantic storms and protect the shoreline. Eyeball navigation in gentle waters takes you this this secluded beach on the Atlantic.
Burtons Bay and Metompkin Bay are adjacent and are both with gentle waters. Metompkin island has beautiful beaches as well that can only be accessed by boat.
There are well marked channels, comprised are commonly known as the Virginia Inside Passageways.
The waters in the bays I can attest to are wonderful for swimming and are proflic with clams and oysters.
It is said the old housed burned down from a lightening strike. Here still standing is the brick foundation.
The shoreline is healthy, waters clean. Maybe you can see in the distance the little hump on the horizon, that is part of Cedar island.
A solid road with just a few holes surrounds the entire property. At every turn you'll feel as though you are the explore of this land, although actually as far back as the early 17th century Captain Burton owned all these lands. He settled here when his merchant trading became quite prosperous.
The road allows easy access to discover every angle of the grounds.
The stand of trees beings the property with several hundred feet of sandy shoreline.