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           This structure once was originally built as a home. There is a kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, foyer and full bath. The highest and best use was discovered 10 years ago, that being for commercial use, for the viability is super.

Either coming or going from town center or highway, you won't miss this property.

The majority of the .75 acre, is behind the structure and to the west. Certainly would be a lovely location for a day care center, especially being so close to the hospital. Then again how lovely to be a restaurant with garden dining.

The kitchen is still in place, recently freshly painted.
While this property has been rented for the last 15 years as a commercial property originally was built by a sweet lady who called this door the door to heaven. The floors have all be recently polished and everything is in perfect order.

The mantel in the kitchen.

This is the sitting room, works quite well for the office needs.

This was the bedroom with an adjacent full bath.

View of bathroom.

Utility room. This property is so close to the new hospital and has spacious back ground, certainly would be a good day care center.

The entire building is in excellent condition.

The grounds allow for expansion.