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           Cleared with excellent bojack soils. Ready for construction with well & septic for conventional systems.

The barrier islands dot the shoreline with bays and channels throughout and prestine beaches too. All is at hand from the free boat ramp and dock, just a few blocks from this property, oh how sweet.

There is 4 1/2' at MLW right off the boat ramp, free for use, provided by county and state.

Gargatha inlet leads to Virginia Inside Passageway. Bays such as Gargatha, Metomkin, Burtons, Kegotank are all connected by these inlets. One can navigate for days on end, dropping your hook at the seaside villages all the while staying in protected waterways.

The barrier islands offer surf from the Atlantic to the east and gentle bays to the west. Few places in the world have such prestine beaches, we all take pride in there care.