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           Bentley, the neighboring border collie, studies the dimensional marine life before taking the plunge here at the pristine shores of Burtons Bay.

Aerial plat outlining this prolific land. To the northeast are tracts of conservation lands and to the southeast neighboring farm.

Clearly a dogs life here, Ralphy keeps an eye out for the wildlife. Well planned rotations of crops presently cultivated. Approximately 27 acres is uncultivation with annual leasing fees. By October 15th of each here the farmer must be notified if the owner does not want any crops planted.

Metompkiin bay is so lovely, average depths are 4 at MLW, perfect for windsurfing and especially for the new boaters for Metompkin Island will keep you from ending up in the Azores. The beaches on both sides of the island are magic. Easy access and in view from Brant Point.

From the state road to the shoreline is this well constructed clam shell road, whereas all the land can easily be accessed.

There are two ponds, each designed to aid and attract birds in particular, I can attest to the fact the many species of birds in abundance frequent this farm.

Northeast boundary is bordered by this vast marshland with tributaries from the bay. No one can ever block this view for our seaside protection act indicates you must be 135 back from the average high water mark for any type of construction. So special in that you can while away the hours being entertained by all the wildlife and sealife.

Also in view is the Wachapreague Inlet, and its famous fishing grounds.

The protection of the barrier islands coupled with good elevations of the land such a lovely spot for all your dreams. This photo is taken from the shoreline towards the front of the property.

Brant Point is right in the middle of the photo. To the south is the village of Wachapreague. There are views of Parramore, Hog & Cog barrier islands too.

This aerial was taken quite a few years ago, there is at least one new neighbor and many more trees, I know for its my piece of paradise. Hopefully the new owners of Brant Point, like dogs, horses, donkey and burro.

I can also attest to the excellent clams, crabs, oysters, mussels and fish that even I can capture and consume, all right here on Burtons Bay.

While you'll feel a million miles from occupied lands, three towns are within 10 minutes, Wachapreague to the south, Accomac to the north and Onancock to the west.