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           Headwaters are magical for they provide a unique habitats for a varity of wildlife. This home site has views to Nandua Creek, 2 1/2-3' at MLW.
Once off the state road the adventure begins on Full Measure Lane. There are several homes on this 2 mile road, not a development with each home site and home having its own charactor. Its a well maintain tar & chip and gravel road where easily two cars can pass each other and still have room to give hearty wave. You'll want to go slow so as not to miss the wildlife.
Here on the Eastern Shore a tributary from a large creek, large meaning miles long and wide as well, are called guts. Highly priced as save havens from storms at sea, or just a boat basin having protective anchorage.
Level ground with good soils bordered by woodlands. Perfect for pastures. The health department has approved this land for conventional system system, being quite a good savings.