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The estimate for the size is only an estimate for this sturdy well maintained block garage, 14 x 18. This home site warrant a proper home with that in mind this garage would become quite handy for storing tools to build a new home. I like the idea of a small home and big boat.
The winds can really kick up on the seaside of our peninsula really quite surprised how well this mobile has held its own. Back view.
The sound trees stand with such dignity and provide windows to the sea. Just across this quietly traveled road is the sea.
This territorial geese lead the way to the marina, just around the bend from the property.
View of the channel to the barrier islands, Hog and Cog are the nearest, 17.5 nautical miles if my memory serves me well, then on to the Atlantic. My first introduction to the Eastern Shore was deep sounding my way in from the Atlantic with a 6.5 draft. 27 years later this little salty village, many times referred to as Clam Town, still holds a special place.
This is a newly constructed viewing station, quite lovely and handicap accessible. In the distance is the village.
The channel is well marked.