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           My research for the recorded county name "Mattaponi Residual Land" didn't reach the magnitude I would prefer. Please share if you can add more. The Mattaponi tribe is one of only two Virginia indian tribes in the Commonwealth of Virginia that owns reservation land. The Mattaponi were one of six tribes inherited by Chief Powhatan in the late 16th century. The tribe spoke an Algonquian language, like other members of the Powhatan Chiefdom. The paramount chiefdom of the Powhatan numbered more than 30 tribes by the time the English arrived and settled Jamestown in 1607. Since the Powhatan where here, I shall then assume this was once the Mattaponi lands.

Set well off a county road amongst a sea of culivated fields and forest is this 1880 sq' home, ready for the renovations to be completed.

The home was gutted to the studs, new cedar shake roof, new septic and well. This house has a story to tell. I hope to listen.

There is some electrical work completed as well as plumbed for utities and baths. Taking this photo from the sitting room to the dining room.

Back staircases to the kitchen are the norm in historical homes on the Eastern Shore. The chimneys are ready too.

While I'm not positive, I do believe this 1st-floor room was destined to become a 1st-floor master ensuite bedroom.

This is the landing between the three rooms on the second floor. Floors are all tight, all of aged pine.