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           The property begins just pass this meadow where the indigenous thick forest is with its high elevations. The kindly neighbors informed me that they purchased the land just so the view would be protected.

The county road anouncing the entrance to Conquest Point is lined with Hollies, Crepe Mryles and Winter Berries, to the west, and acres and acres of culivated fields to the east.

Assawoman Creek is a seaside creek navigable to the Atlantic, the tidal changes average 6 1/2'. Where this land fronts the creek is shallow at low tide, estimate 3' at MLW, is quite beautiful especially for bird watchers. The magnitude of this forest left me visible moved. I have 30 years of viewing properties on this Eastern Shore and have never seen such a mature indigenou forest. Would be such a privilege to identify each specimen.

The creek begin just past this meadow where the low lying bushes end. Assawoman creek is well know for its oyster.