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Alongside the dead end gravel road a path through the forest leads to a high bank overlooking marsh, teaming with wildlife abutting Parkers Creek, a salt water creek.

Every so quiet I followed the path, first to see a young buck nestled with a fawn not more than a couple months old. They did not leave in a hurry for my steps where not aggressive, so they just meandered on. On the crest of the bank, still being ever so quiet, these shore birds allowed me to view without a break in their routine. I was so grateful.

A couple blocks away on a peaceful country road is this boat ramp and temporary tie-up dock, located on the same body of water that the home site.

The ramp and dock are free, only request is to leave it as you found it.

While this is not a large tract of land, just a acre with the marsh lands, seems so private. One adjacent property owner has an estimate of a 2500 sq' home while then next two neighbors have tiny house, everyone lives in harmony.

At first glance the marsh and woodlands is all one sees. Stay awhile ever so quietly then it seems a very social party is going on with all the variety of wildlife,harmless and beautiful.

As the seasons change so does the colors of the marsh grasses and woodlands.

The change in seasons bring new shore bird arrivals.