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           You'll have complete privacy with Metompkin Bay at your doors step.

Metompkin Bay is quite special to this property, for as you can see the island is quite close. While I have only taken a small boat to the island myself, I know folks who kayak there. Exploring the beach on the Atlantic and swimming in the gentle bay on the western side is a privlege. Providing protection to the western shore and a beauty to behold is Metompkin Bay.

Its all about the footprint with this house, for you would not be allowed rebuilt at this location if it wasn't the fact that this house leaves the most ideal foot print. The home is in need of complete renovations or replaced in the exact foot print.

The private road leads to this property, was a joy to walk upon and through.

There is just the right amount of healthy marshland with paths to the waters' edge. Metompkin Bay is delightful to navigate.

The highland on the property makes a peninsula with vast marshlands to the west and Metompkin Bay to the east.

I would estimate that there is 1 acre of highlands, with enough light for a garden.

The peaceful road.

View of the bay to the southeast.

Attached to the house is the garage. The roof of the garage and house appears to be in good shape.

Metompkin the barrier island and its bay is also a well used migrating path. Bird watcher will be in heaven here. Granted the duck hunters too.

Rarely does a property come available directly on Metompkin Bay. The island protects this shoreline plus you can visit anytime and walk the miles of beach.

As you walk along the natural road you'll see the impoundment as seen here. A prefect nesting location for ducks of all sorts.

Sturdy Cedars and pines are all about.