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Arrving to the home is an adventure in itself. Through virgin forest and farmlands is a very well built shell and gravel road. You won't want to hurry for its a joy to partake of the wildlife. Birds of every discription, deer, turkeys, quail, no dangerous wildlife just enchanting.
The entire back elevation has an enclosed winter porch with fully bricked floor overlooking the water and forest.
View from the enclosed porch.
Solid wood cabintery country style kitchen with plenty of space for a breakfast table. There is quite a good sized adjacent utilty room and entrance from a handy mud/room.
The sitting room has been used for a master bedroom, especially since there is a full bath adjacent and doors for privacy. Fireplace functions well and the built in book shelves are handy.
This is actually the formal dining, yet since the winter porch is really the place to be and so spacious that dining is always there, so this space has been used as the sitting room, also with fireplace.
The home is set well off the private road, you can just barely see in this photo behind the stately trees.
There are 4 bedrooms on the second floor, each are quite roomy with beautiful hardwood flooring.
Close up view of the front elevation of the home.