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           Privacy in the mist of nature.
The solid packed road reveals various terrian as you travel along.
As in the majority of the Eastern Shore the skies always are a major part of our beauty. While slowly traveling on the private road this sky welcomed me, how lovely.
Ducks of every discription settle here at different times of the year.
The sitting room is 16 x 24 with hardwood floors that are polished to perfection. A span of windows take in the views. The split system heat and air is brand new this year and does qutie a good job, yet having a proper woodstove with a cirulator certainly is wonderful to have on chilly nights.
All the rooms are bright with high ceilings. This 10 x 12 kitchen has new appliances and a marble floor. A anitque ladder straddles the beams to be repurosed as mulitple cup holder.
A 7.5 x 23.5 once the sunroom now is the expanse of square footage for there is heat and air. This dining area is at one end and sitting area at the other.
This is a real ship's port hole inserted in the sitting room wall.
The vaulted ceiling allows the rooms to feel spacious. See the new split system.
The utilty closet fits the new stackable laundry system
Here is one of the two bedrooms, all freshly painted with new carpet. Sorry for the blurry photo, the heat outside then cold insidee give my camera a heck of a time.
The windows, being rather new, are at a height that curtains are not needed for privacy, then again not a home in site so only deer, racoons and foxes maybe curious to have a peak.
The deck wraps around the back and side elevations providing views to all the glorious nature and Metompkin Bay.
View from under the deck. This could easily be a covered patio and shelther for pets.
The garage is the entire footprint of the home, great space for all your gear, workshop and car.
While the county indicates the grounds are .96 of a acre, sure feels more spacious. Not another house in site even though there are neighbors just down the road.
View from the drive.
Solidly built, having stood the test of time.
The majority of the land is fenced, being quite suitable to protect dogs, goats, horses, etc.