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           View of the back of the house, the 15 x 20 screened porch and a partical view of the observation tower. Views of the Chesapeake Bay, and the tributaries.
there is 3' at MLW with eyeball navigation from Youngs Creek or Anns Cove, both have free boat ramps. 5 minutes from the mainland, then you are on your private island.
The island is encompassed with other islands set afar all the while providing protection.
360 degree views.
Gently coves provide excellent crabbing and fishing.
Approximatley 10 acres of highlands, filled with cedars, pines and native lovely smelling shrubs.
The marshes seasonal changes are vibrant with color. In peticular I enjoy when they are tall with winds a blowing, seem to be a sea of color and life.
These stairs lead to the observation tower, you can see the western shore and lights of Saxis and Tangier islands.
The 15 x 20 screen porch is no doubt the place to be. How peaceful to have a nap with the sounds of the lapping waters.
Yes the kitchen looks a bit rustic, yet completely functional . there is even a microwave. The water is brackish so drinking water is brought in, although a inexpensive cistern could easily solve that issue.
There is a sleeping loft and a bedroom, yet this spot is where I would want to be. Sleeps six comfortably.
View of dock from the observation platform..
I'd have a line in, a pot too, then tuck in the screen porch and begin my book of pass adventures before forgotten. To think a possiblity of total peace.
The garage is the entire footprint of the home, great space for all your gear, workshop and car.