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There are two restrictions placed on the property by the Seller, 1. no hunting 2. no subdividing of the land. You would be able to have more than one house, although you could not sell off from the land. i.e. Family compound. There are several locations on the property whereas a home could be build and not another house could be seen. The forest and pastures allow for this. The elevations are high for the Eastern Shore, the best of flood elevations.
There are several hundred feet of shore frontage on Assawoman creek, a creek navigable to the Atlantic and the barrier islands that protect our shore frontage. A large creek in NE part of county, seaside, emptying into Woman's Bay at the sw part of Wallops Island. It is the Indian word for Rock Cave. Assawoman Inlet - a small inlet between the NE tip of Assawoman Island and sw tip of Wallops Island. Assawoman was originally known as Assawaman until 1966 when the Board on Geographic Names decided upon its current spelling. Rather prefer the old spelling. This photo was taken as I climbed down to the high water mark.
Word has it that for years cattle roamed this land, even from settlers times. Clearly a perfect location in that a freshwater creek is easily accessible and pastures are lovely.
Quite a pleasant experience walking along the freshwater creek. Indigenous plants and trees of every description will show their glory come early spring. Its also be told there is an artesian well near the creek.
This pole barn is of metal and pilings, and their is a run in shed attached. Built fairly recently and in good condition. Here on the Shore there is no need to have a closed in barn for the weather is quite mild.
Seller will convey contents of barn. This being the oldest of equipment, certainly has character.
On this brisk, sunny day the 2 mile walk around the perimeter of the property was a special experience. Every bend revealed private vignettes of beauty that only nature can provide. The natural drainage of the land allows every parcel to have good use for livestock and, cultivation.
Tis well known that oysters of this creek are considered the best there is, period. Clams, fish also are prolific.
The barn opening faces west, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, that was well planned.
While I did not step off the length of the waterfrontage, there is hundreds of feet, no doubt. The entire perimeter of the property has frontage on either the salt water creek or the fresh on three sides and a state road on fourth.
The forest allows for no drift pastures, a farming term, (just learned) which indicates that forest encompass a pasture, this takes place all over this tract of land
There is a private shell road that use conveys with this property, although the Seller had cut trees in preparation of a new road through the forest and along the freshwater creek, purely for the enjoyment of partaking of the wildlife.
The Virginia Coast Reserve is a biosphere reserve created by The Nature Conservancy in the early 1970s. It consists of 14 of the Virginia Barrier Islands along the Atlantic coast of the Virginia portion of the Delmarva Peninsula, including Parramore Island, Hog Island, Virginia, Smith Island, Virginia, Assawoman Island, and Metompkin Island. These barrier islands play an important role in sheltering the mainland portions of the Eastern Shore of Virginia from the impact of coastal storms and are important for breeding and migrating beach nesting and colonial waterbirds.