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           The view of the front elevation. While appearing a modest size when viewing head on, actually quite a large house, being 3 rooms deep and a full apartment on the 2nd floor.
Mature flowering trees and bushes are a lovely introduction to the home, shall we!
A enclosed winter porch scales the back elevation of home,the place to be. Now how wonderful is this, while you palaver in your greenhouse you can enjoy the views of the waterways, wildlife of the marshes, and activities of NASA, all at the same time.
The mature flowering trees and scrubs disguise the full width of the home. The home is 3 rooms deep the majority of the rooms with views of the waterways.
Plainly seen is the Chingoteague lighthouse, although bit of a stretch in my photo, there it is in the horizon just to the left by the piling.
By far my favorite area of Chingoteague, for the views are not obstructed by other homes and while being very convenient to the beaches of Assateague island and town center, its so quiet with nearly all permanent residence.
On this day photographed Orbital ATK testing its upgraded first stage propulsion system for the Antares rocket. As stated in the local Post News, "The steam arose in a mass of spectacular white and made several rotations imitating funnels. The formations dispersed up and away as any other cloud in the sky.
The gardens are filled with established classic trees and scrubs so admired by Eastern Shore men.
Attractive application are all about this home, such at the masonry detail as seen here.
The library/family room overlooks the grounds, waterways and wildlife, such peaceful spot.
The entire home is so clean, appears barely lived in, so gently used. The kitchen window overlooks the garden, is 12 x 17 with a adjacent breakfast room.
View to the kitchen table and foyer.
Pass through window to the sitting room is certainly handy.
The dining room is 14 x 18 with direct access to the winter porch and again views of the waterway.
This massive fireplace divides the dining room and sitting room. Fossil stones face the fireplace, certainly giving it a center of conversation. The sitting room is 20 x 20.
So sweet and bright is this 1st floor bedroom with adjacent bath, 13 x 18.
Full bath.
2nd bedroom on the 1st floor. Really not a speck of dust, not a scratch on any wall, don't know how this is possible but its true.
Rather unusual but how clever, a 2nd floor apartment. Now this could either be rented out, or house the caretaker, or that teenager that needs his own space. this is the kitchen fully equipped.
Open from the kitchen is the dining area and sitting room, 15 x 22. .
Apartment bedroom is 10 x 13 with full bath just around the corner.
Sleeping nook is the apartment with amble storage all about.
The garage houses the utility room, workshop, wet sink for the greenhouse and still plenty of room for a car.
View from the garage to the greenhouse.
Seller shared his rescued raccoons, that where incorporated back to the wild, really not so wild.

Partial view to the garden sheds from the winter porch.